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"An idea must come from somewhere, because if it merely stays where it is and doesn't join us here, it's hidden. And hidden ideas don't ship, have no influence, no intersection with the market. They die, alone." - Seth Godin - where do ideas come from?

The Comarison Between Avro And Bijoy  

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Via Mustasir Billah Munna

Barendra Museum, Rajshahi  

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The mighty Padma (Ganges) reduced to a tributary  

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Was really saddened to see that the mighty Padma at Rajshahi has dried up. Huge Char has accumulated and the width of the river was been reduced to one fifth of its original size.

Mobile Service  

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The mobile usage cost is one of the lowest in the world. I am surprised to see that after 5 years since I left the country, the mobile companies are competing for market share with low cost packages - as low as 1 US cent per minute. One of the heavy users told that he pays one third of what he used to pay per month.

In the picture a street shop in Rajshahi town offering mobile telephone service @ BDT Tk. 2 (US cent 3). I arrived here yesterday.

The overbridges are in wrong places  

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I am on a cng autorickshaw now stuck in the traffic. The Bangla Motor - Firmgate - Bijoy Sharani road gets clogged the whole day causing delays to thousands of passengers. Today I was hearing to a traffic policeman stressing the need for an overbridge to alleviate pain of many. He was using explicit words for the engineers who are responsible for the other overbridges in the town saying that they ignored the busy areas and opted for the site of their interest.

In my opinion underpasses can also ensure smooth flow of traffic in the crossing areas.

However the voices of me and this traffic Policeman will remain unheard and we will continue with our daily struggle because the policy makers will not listen to us. This is the sad reality.