September 18, 2004


* Nitin writes about Islam & Democracy in the context of Malaysia. It appears, Malaysia is still far from being a liberal democracy.

* Zeyad gives his views on the patterns of the recent violence in Iraq.

* Dave says Bush and Kerry should start talking sense and quit blathering to get his vote in the coming election.

* Laura has watched "The Passion" and ponders about all the bloodshed since 9-11 that "We are still killing Jesus, over and over."

* Niraj defends that Bangladesh is doing well in some areas but the country is still not ahead of India as this article claims.

* Zachary Latif thinks that the Islamic civilisation is worthy and proud enough for redemption of the recent behaviors of the muslim extremists. The troubles now are birth pangs as the Islamic peoples joins the rest of humanity in the modern age. Islam is moving from the medieval to the modern under the spotlight of the news camera.


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