April 23, 2005


Hello everyone. I am going to be 7 months old tomorrow. I have learnt a lot of things by now. I can sit, I can flip and grab things on my own. I am amazed by all the new things I am touching and tasting everyday. Anything which has some lace is of my particular interest. And of course tasting and biting things are part of my examination methods. What particularly amazes me is to see other family members eating. They eat a lot of colorful foods and sometimes I want to be on table and share foods with them! I can now eat a lot of things besides milk. My regular diet includes water poached egg, liquid kichuri (rice, pulse and fish/chicken extracts cooked with water), juice of fresh seasonal fruits, and scrapes of banana, water melon etc. Ma can understand which things I like and which I don't from my face expressions. Ma says I fret a lot when I am hungry, but how else can I make others remember that it is my feeding time?

I love to take a bath usually once in a couple of days. I throw my arms and legs in the water in the bathtub and play with the floating Hippo. You can imagine how soothing the bath is for me in this hot and humid weather.

I make a lot of activity throughout the day. The saddest moment for is to bid Baba & Ma goodbye as almost each morning they dress up differently and go to some place (read work). I see them leave with a grim face. Although Dada (grandpa), Dadi (grandma) & Phupi (aunt) takes good care of me and I enjoy staying with them, nobody understands that I feel insecure without my parents around. I look around for them sometimes. Ma comes late in the afternoon and whenever she enters the house, I greet her with intense giggles. When my Baba comes home (why can't he come earlier?)I go wild with happiness and start playing with him (Tip: click the links to here my sound). Baba & Ma loves playing with me. Ma sometimes scolds me when I do not listen to her but Baba is nice enough to tolerate all of my mischief with "meyeta ja dustu hoeche na". I love both of them.

They love me too and I can feel it. Everytime they go out shopping for themselves they end up bringing something for me. I love to go out with them. The neon lights of Dhaka city amazes me. I like to be left alone when I am in a crowd. But don't think I won't reach to you. Watch out for my hand when you are around as I might surprise you by grabbing your tie or hair-clip.

I become very angry when they leave me in the evening and go out. I miss them the whole day because of their work and I have a right to be with them afterwards. There is a lot to see and hear in this world and sitting within four corners is really depressing.

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