November 26, 2005


The hottest topic of the town was the expulsion of ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) lawmaker (Rajshahi-3 constituency) Abu Hena from the party. His outspoken comments blaming a section of his party and the qualition Jamaat-e-Islami party for patronising the militants aroused many controversies.

Rajputro mocked that he received 'the truth award' from the prime minister for speaking against the party. Previously Awami League , current opposition party, awarded this prestigious award to Kamal Hossain, Kader Siddiqui and so on for letting out the truth.

'Unheard Voices' named it suppression of the voice of a dissident.

Adda said
"BNP has lost their golden opportunity to listen to their own parliament member Mr. Abu Hena and take drastic action against those ministers and advisers who are part of the intrigue and also tried to recommend government pardon for the Islamic militant leaders in the past."
Niraj comments that it is rather refreshing to see a politician going against the grain.

The other hot rumor of yesterday was that Mr. Hena was going to be imprisoned. I think the government was saved from further embarrasment by not doing so. Now according to Mr. Hena, 100 other BNP lawmakers would like to go public like him on this issue soon. Some had already started raising their voices.

This implies an internal divide between the BNP. Rejecting all these allegations, Mr. Motiur Rahman Nizami, the Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer and Minister for Industries told the BBC," I have no information that there is anyone in the BNP who has reservation about any link between terrorism and Jamaat." He also dismissed Abu Hena's allegation saying failing to get any big position he made such remarks. He made one valid point that if Mr. Hena is so concerned about this now why didn't he speak out earlier, when things were happening.

Amidst all blames, allegations and counter measures, the spotlight, tackling the militancy is losing focus. If Jamaat is against the militancy then why are their network of Imams across the country are not publicly denouncing militancy in the mosque sermons? What benefit will Mr. Abu Hena get from this drama as he is yet to provide any proof of his allegations? Is he going to join the opposition? Is there really a rift inside BNP? Or is this a ploy of BNP to create pressure on Jamaat so that they can bargain more in the coming election regarding distribution of constituencies?

Politics is a funny field. Common people hardly can understand what is going on in reality. We can only witness and support what is right or wrong. And one should keep in mind that "appearences can be deceptive".


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