September 14, 2007

Twenty20 World Cricket Championship: India vs Pakistan match

Watching the game live via sopcast and stats via cricinfo. India was put to bat by Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik and they lost Gambhir in the first over and Sehwag in the 3rd over. India is 9/2 in 2.1 overs. The game promises some scintillating cricket.

Those who want to know how to download sopcast please check this post.

Well well what a match this has been. Those who did not watch it missed all the excitements. After being down to 36/4 India posted a respectable total opf 141/9 in 20 overs. Pakistan started well in reply but India came back with tight bowling and after 17.4 overs when they lost Afridi and were down to 103/6 it looked like they will not make it. but Pakistan clawed back in the last three overs and they have tied the match with 141/7 in 20 overs.

And then something happened which I have never seen before. The match was decided by a bowl out. In this tie breaker like football each team has to nominate five players who will bowl at a set of stumps over 22 yards. Each team will have alternate attempts at hitting the stumps and the team with the most hits wins.

Here are the proceedings via Cricinfo:
Round 1

Sehwag is up first for India. Dhoni waits behind the stumps. Sehwag has a big grin on his face. Sehwag runs in, bowls flat and fast and hits the stumps.

Arafat gets ready for his turn. He bowls a full toss that misses off stump.

India lead 1-0 after the first round.

Round 2

Harbhajan bowls quick and straight and hits. He's delighted and celebrates like he's taken a wicket, or scored a penalty.

Gul runs in off a short run up and also misses the stumps. The Indians love it.

India lead 2-0 after the second round. Massive pressure on Pakistan.

Round 3

Robin Uthappa runs in, bowls seam up and knocks the stumps over. He takes off his cap and bows to the crowd.

Pakistan have to hit the stumps with all their three remaining chances to stay in the bowl-out. If India hit one more time, they will win.

Here comes Afridi and he fires it down leg side! India have won the match 3-0 through a bowl-out after the proper match ended in a thrilling tie!
Video Highlights of the India - Pakistan match are here.


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