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Recently Pedram has posted about the ignorance, lack of genral knowledge and condescention of the general US citizens. Read it here. A must read!

There are many reactions to this post. However I liked this one from Kris:

I think it is great for someone to be brave enough to hold the mirror in front of us to let us see our own shortcomings.

Now there is a cartoon in the newspaper, the Hartford Courant, published from Connecticut state, where the picture of a bearded and turbaned Sikh is referred to as "Osama's no-good cousin, Randy Bin Laden." This has angered the Sikh community, who are generally deemed as a peacful race. Read more here.

The United Sikhs, an advocacy group said:

Such gross misinformation within the media leads only to cause more confusion and negative sentiment towards innocent people.

See the relevancy in Pedrams claims.

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