November 06, 2007

Rising Voices second round of microgrants for blog outreach

It has been five months since Rising Voices, the blog outreach project of Global Voices Online was launched.

This project aims to fix the imbalance in the so called global conversation:
"..certain regions of the world and certain demographics within those regions have benefited from the boom in citizen media more than others. Most bloggers and podcasters still tend to be middle or upper-middle class. Most have a college-level education. Most live in large cities. And of the 70 million weblogs now tracked by Technorati, 95% of them are written in just 10 languages. The truth is, what we often call the ‘global conversation,’ is a privileged discussion among global elites."
In July Rising voices funded five projects out of the 142 applications received from over 60 different countries. Its first round of grantees included exemplary projects from Bangladesh, Colombia and Bolivia who are making tremendous progress in bringing the underrepresented community into the global conversation.

Now Rising Voices is asking for second round of applications. Rising Voices outreach grants will range from $1,000 to $5,000. Details here.

The application process for second round of funding gives you more interactivity:
"You have the choice to submit your application via email as before or you can publicly post your proposal on our wiki and receive feedback on how it can be improved. Public applications can be posted on the wiki at any time and can be reworked as often as the applicant sees fit, but all applications must be finalized by the November 30 deadline."
So what are you waiting for? If you are a blogger and have some innovative ideas to bring more underrepresented people of your community into blogging, podcast, photo or video blogging please prepare a thoughtful, specific, and realistic proposal and submit within the specified date.


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