April 25, 2008

Renewable energy in Bangladesh

The power crisis is acute as frequent power outages hamper the livelihoods. Big power stations are much capital intensive and time consuming to build. So Bangladeshis are not getting bailed out of the situation anytime soon.

From this Newsweek article you can see how grass-roots movement are generating power in local towns and basements and being independent of the energy industries:
In the late 1990s, the town of Freiamt in Germany's Black Forest decided to take the fight against global warming into its own hands. Three hundred of the town's 4,300 residents chipped in to buy the four 80-meter-tall Enercon wind turbines that now top the surrounding hills, generating 1.8 megawatts each. An additional 270 families put solar collectors on their roofs to heat water and power their homes. Three businesses—two sawmills and a bakery—whose land abuts a gurgling stream have installed old-fashioned water wheels, each providing an additional 15 kilowatts.
These wind turbines can be seen in many places in the developed countries.

Have you seen any wind turbine in Bangladesh?


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