August 15, 2008


I was going through a remote town in Czech Republic and was curious to see presence of a series of poles with speakers everywhere. I was told by a German companion that these are reminiscent of the old communist era. With these speakers communist propaganda was preached to the population whole day. These were also used to inform about local events or a political gatherings. This kinds of propaganda speakers can also be seen in other parts of the world also used by communist regimes, e.g. in Vietnam.

A huge TV screen has been put in Dhaka's Shahbag area near Bangabandhu Medical Hospital, Birdem Hospital, National museum and National library. Masud writes in his Bangla Blog that it emanates noisy ads and it distracts traffic and people in this busy junction. Notably it was inaugurated by the election commissioner.

Mahbub Sumon writes that the whole day it propagates the works of election commission and the patriotic armed forces and some advertisements in between. Can you see some similarity in the above two instances?


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