March 05, 2009

Massacre - a plotted conspiracy

From the Daily Star:
Citing telephone records of some suspects, investigators said the February 25 massacre at BDR Pilkhana headquarters was planned at least two months back.

Those involved in the investigation said so far they have collected the suspects' phone records for the last two months.

“Most likely the networking between them had begun much before that time. Further investigation will shed light on that,” said a high official of a law-enforcement agency, requesting anonymity.

The information obtained in interrogations of the arrested mutineers bears out the 'finding', he added.

So far, the investigators have gathered that at least 100 people were involved in the vicious killings of scores of army officials deputed to BDR. “However, this number [of mutineers] could shoot up to 1,000 in the end.”
Unheard Voice discusses the issue of some leaked audio files of a closed meeting between the Prime Minister and the aggrieved army officers. Check the comments section for a revealing discussion. Hasan Murshed and Arif Jebtik also raises some points.


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