June 07, 2009

In London.. Again

I arrived in London - Stansted airport today well on time. The last time I had a bitter experience of going through the horrors of a cancelled flight and the need to find an alternative flight at another airport to reach on time for my exams. I came one day early just to avoid the stress.

This is a typical UK weather, you never know when it drizzles and when the sun shines. The temperature is just at par with Berlin.

Basically this trip is a deja-vu for me. The Ryan Air flight again landed on time and they played the same taped message cheering the feat. The Italian crew at the Terravision coach spoke terrible English but took us safely to Liverpool Street station. I reloaded my Oyster card bought during previous journey.

This time around there are a lot of constructions going on in London for the 2010 summer Olympics. Improvements are going on in many tube stations. That was a bit of bother to find the way to the destination. I saw a Bangladeshi wedding party on the way. The guests came by bus, women wearing Sari and a lot of makeup. The boys and guys on suits. Reminded me of home.

The next days look more challenging as ACCA mailed me that there is a tube strike which will hamper the journey towards the exam hall. Well I have to work on an alternative route after the first exam. I wonder how London will function without the tubes, which is a lifeline of the mega-city. I can't guess how long will it take in Bus (with dense traffic) for the 1 hour journey in tube, 2 or 3 hours?

The 20-20 world cup is happening right here in UK. Its a shame that I am not able to watch any one in an stadium. I am keeping myself away from TV for the exam preparations. However am cheating myself by watching the game via this site or following in cricinfo. After all what do we live for?

Here is a small video of the landing in Standsted:


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