September 29, 2009

Bangladeshi celebrities in obscene poses

XBiz Newswire:

Government officials here have signed off on a request to block 84 websites with content depicting Bangladeshi citizens it considers obscene.

The request, brought on by a police investigation, had identified the websites carrying video clips of Bangladeshi men and women or doctored pictures falsely depicting well-known Bangladeshi celebrities in obscene poses.

Joruri Khobor has a hilarious take on this news:

With the internet having become the primary source of a young Bangladeshi's pornography, our cinema industry has also suffered. Monowar Hossain Dipjol, famous film producer, method actor and convicted murderer, thinks that the internet will ruin the talents of aspiring young artistes. "Every one of my music videos has high production values. In Kolshi Phuta Koira Dimu, there are four 35mm cameras being used in one scene alone. When Billu Dakat points his gun at the heroine and laughs, there is genuine emotion on my face. Do you think I could have learned this by browsing JoubonJala? No. It took me years of actual villainy to get to where I am."

I guess watching these in cinema halls is halal and watching in internet is a sin as per the government interpretation. You be the judge.

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