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Lies & trivia

Gina has a great post about Donald Rumsfeld's lies. Go check it out here.

She also discoveres that US Presidents entourage for his trip to London will include:

� Up to 250 Secret Service agents.
� Up to 150 advisers from the National Security department and about 200 representatives of other US departments.
� About 50 White House political aides.
� A team of 15 sniffer dogs and their handlers.
� A personal chef and his team of four cooks.

Among the equipment they will bring will be:

� Two identical personal Boeing 747-200s and a third chartered jumbo.
� One personal US Marine Corps Sikorsky Sea King helicopter and a second A VH-60N, a VIP version of the Black Hawk helicopter.
� Two identical motorcades each made up of 20 mostly armoured vehicles, including the President's converted Cadillac Deville.
� The "football", a briefcase carried by a military aide which contains the launch codes for America's nuclear arsenal.

Surely American tax payers got their moneys worth with this impressive entourage.

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