June 29, 2004


Recently my father had a cataract operation. I was tremendously busy with my work facing few deadlines, but managed a leave and stayed with him in the hospital. He was not expecting me and I could have appointed another kin to be beside him, but I felt like staying with him and I managed. I believe in cohesiveness of family members and will be with my parents as long as I can. I do not wish that one day Bangladeshis should behave with the parents as the western world does, where sending a card on a few occasions are the only signs of love. The parents become no-existent in their lives when they are grown up. The love of parents and cohesiveness is embedded in our culture as well as protected by religions.

I could manage my office over phone and could be with my father in time of his need. When I explained my position everybody co-operated. Where there is a will there is a way. For those who still value work more than family ties, I would like to tell; if you try you can manage both. I believe that. And it feels great.


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