May 13, 2008

Bangladesh on course

Some good news on Bangladesh from the American Chronicle:
Bangladesh has been victim of devastating flood twice is last two years. A severe cyclone (Sidr) swept through Bangladesh in November 2007 which left over 10000 dead and half a billion USD damage. Yet economic data shows that Bangladesh in on track in its expected growth. That´s almost like a miracle.

Bangladesh's central bank said that the economy could grow as much as 6.2 percent in the current fiscal year, supported by a rebound in agricultural output following natural disasters and a pick up in exports growth.
The notable detriment to this success is that Bangladesh has been seriously affected by world wide rice shortage. However these news should ease the frustrations of the Bangladeshis, if they are implemented really:

* Bangladesh will buy record amount of rice for stocks.

* Bangladesh to spend 12 pct of budget subsidizing fuel, food, fertilizer.


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