February 16, 2011

Bangladesh Ready For The Cricket World Cup

Bangladesh's capital Dhaka is all set to inaugurate the Cricket World Cup2011. The one and half month of cricket action will be spread across 13 venues in three countries (Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka). The tournament will feature 14 teams and 49 matches out of which 29 will be in India, 12 in Sri Lanka and 8 in Bangladesh.

The Thursday's ICC World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony will contain 135-minute long extravaganza of song, dance and laser shows at the renovated Bangabandhu National Stadium. The likes of Brian Adam and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy will keep the audience captivated.

Here are some pics of the practice for the big event taken today and shared via Facebook:

Photo courtesy: Mr. Rafat
Album courtesy : Maroof Rahman

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Dhaka has gone Red-&-Green, and the authorities are going some extra miles to make everything right. The are offering a "bite-free experience" for the spectators on the ground by killing mosquitoes in and around the venues. Even their ambitious attempts of keeping the streets free form beggers have created controversy.

This is being referred as Bangladesh's Olympics and the government has declared half day holiday on the opening day. 22 kilometers of road have been decorated with lights, posters and others stuffs. Educational institutions in the Dhaka and Chittagong will remain closed during World Cup matches help ease the traffic.

On another note players and officials have been barred from using social networking site Twitter during World Cup matches apparently to avoid match fixing and corruption.

I personally did not have luck as I could not find any ticket as people had to queue long to fight for ticket - I simply had no time for all this. I am keeping my fingures crossed as a friend from abroad has bought tickets online is coming to Dhaka to see some matches and I may get one.


  1. It's so heartbreaking that I couldn't manage a ticket to the opening ceremony. There will be more opening and other ceremonies in the future but never the world cup again. So, this will destroy all future excitements for me. :(