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I like reading travel logs since my childhood. The adventures in distant places, descriptions of people, other cultures, language, food, landscapes and mountains always fascinate me. I am also fond of travel documentaries aired by BBC & National Geographic TV Channels (Special mention: The silk road, Michael Palin's adventures & 100$ taxi ride).

So far I have come across to only a few web logs, which falls in the travel log category. I will try to keep a watch on these for some time before I make any qualitative judgment on them. Here are a few worth mentioning:-

Lost in Transit :- A group web log contributed by 18 expatriates and emigrants around the world, writing about their experiences.

Nathan's African Adventure :- Adventures of Nathan Penner, who is working in a small church in Gaborone, Botswana.

The flying Penguin :- Virtual tour in South Africa.

Fukuma Hair Flap : Scott's daily adventures while living in Japan on the JET Program.

More to follow soon......

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