September 22, 2003

"The $400+ billion military budget is a colossal misplaced priority. Why does the US have to spend more than the next 23 countries combined? Does that make US or the rest of the world a safer place?

Bush is asking for $87 billion for Iraq.

This is on top of the $75 billion he got last year for the war on Iraq.

That is a total of $162 billion.

The total funding for the National Cancer Institute was $4.6 billion in FY2003.

Cancer will kill more than 550,000 Americans in 2003.

In 2003, NCI funding for prostate cancer, which will kill 29,000 men this year was $311 million. That is the equivalent of 3 days in Iraq costs.

How many of your friends and family were killed by Saddam? How many by cancer?" - Steve


"A textbook definition of colonialism is to use the resources of the host to enrich the parasite.

That's what we're seeing here. A war of colonialism (in Iraq). We are preferrring our home industry vs theirs. We are selling to outsiders what is not ours to sell (theft)."


"This is a really open act of piracy by the Bush administration:
1. invade a country
2. seize control of its administration
3. privatize its industries and give the contracts to your friends."

- Source Eschaton


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