September 28, 2003

Iraq and War - A Comparison of Views

Awesome Library, the K-12 education directory has put up a link to backgrounds of Iraq war and comparison of views for and against US & UK's siege of Iraq (without UN mandate). Check it here.

The effort summarizes:
We have learned the consequences of President Bush's decisions:

The people of Iraq are rid of Saddam and the people of Iraq, and most people of the world, find that to be a very good outcome. However, other outcomes have not been so good. The people of Iraq are under U.S. and British control and occupation.

The international community has refused to participate in rebuilding or securing Iraq under U.S. rules. This leaves the people of Iraq with growing hostility against the U.S. and U.S. citizens with gigantic bills of $4 billion per month, with no end in sight, just to secure Iraq. There is no international effort under way to rebuild Iraq. Because the U.S. invaded before gaining U.N. approval, acting illegally under international law, the U.S. and Britain are left with the entire bill for rebuilding Iraq for the forseeable future.

No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq or are likely to be found.

Whereas many pro-war minds are still trying to justify the war. I wonder whether their efforts will ever be more plausible than the options of not going to war. Time will decide that but the millions of lives effected or vanished will not be the same as before.

Meanwhile Mongolia has sent troops to Iraq as per US request (reports Kathy)


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