January 15, 2005


I am rarely getting free time at home because of my busy schedules during weekdays. The time I spend at home Saturdays -Thursdays is like:

7:30 - Waking up and all morning rituals including bath
8:00 - Breakfast with eyes on the newspaper.
8:20 - Leaving for office
9:30 - 10 PM arriving home with a tired body and mind.
10:15 - Flirting with my daughter and watching TV till 11:30 before sleeping.

So you see its a pretty boring life except for the time with my daughter and most of the time she falls asleep within 10:30. One day I noticed that there is a faint mew mew sound from the kitchen. S told that one stray cat had sneaked into the house and was messing up with kitchen wares. The cat was not welcome in the house then. Some day later S told me that she has found that cat with a new born kitten lurking in the carpet beneath the living room sofa. It was cold outside so the mother was trying to keep the kitten warm. S put some news paper there so that they can be warm lying on it. However presumably with the fear that its hideout had been discovered, the mother fled with the kitten. I missed the whole show. The next day I could hear a vehement mew mew sound. There was something sad about that sound. S told me excitedly that the whole day the cat was wondering around the house and making that sound and the kitten was not seen with it. Probably she hid the kitten somewhere and she can't find her baby anymore. She was coming back to the old hiding place with the hope that she could find it. Stupid cat! I took my daughter in my arms and tried to find the kitten. I could feel the cat's pain and realized that kids should not be separated from their parents. But I could hardly do anything. Sadly I did not see the cat from the next day and do not know the fate of the kitten. Is this a lesson of life?


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