February 06, 2005


According to this news, one person was killed by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and a boy abducted amidst the tensed situation arising out of the BSF effort of constructing barbed-wire fence within 30 yards of the border along the three border villages in Comilla. The International law forbids construction within 150 yards of the zero line.

"Para-military Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) have been asked to remain alert about the sudden move by the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) to construct the fence" - the report says. However it is not a sudden move by BSF. According to the Telegraph, Delhi has given the nod to agencies like the Border Security Force to erect the fence within 150 yards of the zero line at places where human habitation does not permit leaving the space. The diplomatic initiative on this issue is still inconclusive.

"India has already fenced 1,670 km and has set an ambitious target to complete fencing 3,286 km of the 4,086 km-long border by March 2006. The remaining 800 km cannot be fenced as the terrain is either riverine or has thick vegetation." says the Telegraph.

Surely more border clashes are bound to happen in the controversial border areas when India pushes on the no-mans land.

Meanwhile Odhikar, a human right body, has said that some 357 Bangladeshi citizens were killed in the hands of BSF and other Indians in the last five years. Besides, some 1,774 Bangladeshi citizens became the victims of human rights violations by the same quarters.

The controversial border issues should be settled through diplomatic channel and not by force. The last thing the Bangladeshis need is another tension with its neighbor, India and many Bangladeshis killed or violated in this process.


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