March 08, 2005


Yes, I have safely arrived in Mumbai. No, not to became a Bollywood movie star; only for a training for 3 days. The flight took half an hour more than usual. The only incident at Kolkata domestic airport was that I was a bit carried away with purchasing books and watching the India Pakistan Test live. There were strict security measures like hand checking of all luggages and after all that I sat for sometimes near the three gates at the ground floor. I had no idea that there were more gates at the first floor (I could not make out from the indistinctive announcement). Its a busy airport and ten before two (the scheduled time) I got a little worried and asked why my flight was not on the board. I was frantically directed towards the first floor and the staffs greeted me like I am their long lost brother. They ushered me to the aircraft closing the gate behind and that was close. The Jet Airways flight was in a Boeing 737 and the service was world class. It seems that private enterprises know what means service and value addition for their customers. In Bangladesh more private Airliners should start to make Biman face the cometition and improve their service.

There were some turbulance in the flight due to bad weather. I had accute ear pain during the pre-landing decend as I was not aware of these facts. Otherwise the flight was OK as I had spent most of the time reading "The Da Vici Code" that I bought from Kolkata Airport. The book review would be posted later. But I can tell you that each chapter finishes with a suspence which will keep you tuned in the story all the time.

I had no trouble in reaching the company guest house near the beach. I had a tough time communicating with the caretaker with my frail Hindi because he does not understand English. After a while I found out that he is from Kolkata and speaks Bengali too! Then we both laughed about our miscommunications took place earlier. I went out to have a look at the place and call home. It was getting dark so the ocean view was not remarkable. But I was impressed with the surroundings. Lots of people were having an evening walk and I am told this is the residential area of many of the Bollywood film industry people. I had to believe it because I saw Shakti Kapoor in a roadside Cafe with no fans pestering. There are all kinds of shops around here including a renowned hair stylist's parlour, a tattoo shop and lots of restaurants with mouth watering cuisines. I think I'll have dinner here and head to the guest house. I hope that the day will end with a happy memory.


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