March 18, 2008

Fighting Rickshaw ban

Kathryn Hummel writes in Pop Matters:
Bangladesh’s endangered rickshaws and wallahs serve as brightly colored, moving works of art, and as constant, mobile displays of human nature – often at its best.

In 1998 the data showed that Rickshaws took up 38% of road space while transporting 54% of passengers in Dhaka . The private cars on the other hand, took up 34% of road space while only transporting 9% of the population

So who would dream of waging war on the humble rickshaw and the colorful men who ply them? Car owners, traffic police and the World Bank, that’s who.
Voice of South writes about the environmental impact on the proposed Rickshaw ban in Dhaka:
For a better transport system in Dhaka we need to create a city wide network of Rickshaw lanes.
(Photo credit and Kathryn Hummel)


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