March 05, 2008

Gaza Bleeds: and the children are the hardest hits

Another incursion by the Israeli army in Gaza took toll of a one month old Palestinian baby amongst other 30 deaths.

The above video was taken off by YouTube as "inappropriate content"

Children are the hardest hits in this conflict and one can imagine how is it for them to live under distress. No wonder you can imagine what makes a "suicide bomber".

Via Black Looks we read a Palestinian women’s story "Raising Yusuf amongst the bombs":
"We celebrated Yousuf’s fourth birthday today. We ate cake. And we counted the bodies. We sang happy birthday. And my mother sobbed. We watched the fighter jets roar voraciously on our television screen, pounding street after street; then heard a train screech outside, and shuddered. Yousuf tore open his presents, and asked my mother to make a paper zanana, a drone, for him with origami; And we were torn open from the inside, engulfed by a feeling of impotence and helplessness; fear and anger and grief; despondence and confusion.

It is a slow and calculated genocide-a Genocide through more calibrated, long-term means. And if the term is used in any context, it should be this. In many ways, this is a more sinister genocide, because it tends to be overlooked: All is ok in Gaza, the wasteland, the hostile territory that is accustomed to slaughter and survival; Gaza, who’s people are somehow less human; we should not take note; need not take note; unless there is a mass killing; or starvation."
But don't assume its one sided. If one has to question 'who is to blame' the missile attacks from militant organizations like Hamas and Fatah should also be taken into account. Just weeks ago two Israeli kids were severely injured by the Hamas missiles. The indiscriminate Hamas missile attacks are creating panic amongst the ordinary Israelis providing more legitimacy to the Israeli army actions. The world remains confused.

So can all these nonsense stop? Can protests and negotiations be achieved without missiles and smart bombs on children/people of both sides? Can we bring sanity?


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