February 26, 2009

BDR Mutiny.. Is it over?

The Daily Star reports

* BDR surrendered weapon after Prime Minister gave ultimatum in her speech
* Police took control of BDR headquarters at 6:40 Bangladesh local time without being challenged.
* 12 bodies found; 29 officers rescued
* No one could trace the Director General of BDR Shakil Ahmed, his wife and around 50 or more officers who were taken hostage by the mutineers Wednesday morning.
* BDR jawans deserted 24 border outposts in Chuadanga, Meherpur and Jhenidah districts

BDNEWS24 reports that talks, not tanks, put mutiny to rest which is a success for the government and relief for the people.

More news from different sources (tv, radio etc.):

* DG BDR is dead. Most of the officers were killed during brashfire. it was plotted plan - Maj Kamruzzaman, who was freed confirmed. He said it was well planned for many days. Red-bandana and Ammunition distribution are indications.

* Al jazeera is reporting that all BDR have surrendered at pillkhana. But 12 tanks are now facing the BDR Head Quarters and army has not accepted Hasina's offer of amnesty to BDR jawans.

* Pilkhana has no electricity from the evening. The fate of the arrested BDR Jwans are uncertain.

* People are asking why major opposition parties did not engage in endeavors to resolve this issue. This is a national issue.

* There is apparently a huge disagreement over who shot first. BDR members have been claiming since beginning that the adc (aide-de-campe) of DG SHakil fired the shot first and some army officers confirmed. But army is denying this trying to establish the logic that officers do not carry arms (as there are versions that DG SHakil shot at a jawan when they demanded accountability). This may be decisive in why a force became so violent and suicidal.

* The public sentiment have shifted from the BDR jawans to the army after seeing the deadbodies of the army officers who were brutally killed.

Some more news from twitter:

rajputro: 9 more bodies found from #bdr hq, one of which was of a little girl's :( #dhaka, #bangladesh

rajputro: firetrucks are seen to enter #BDR possibly to search within the sewage lines

@Ekushey Abar jigs :) There will be a dance, a dance od death once the dust settles.

ehabmehedi Anyone got info on the 9yr old dead body found earlier today ? Mujib Hoq had a 9-10/yo daughter. #bdr #dhaka

atunu Facebook users from Dhanmondi areas reporting sounds of Tank Tracks near Lalmatia water tank #bdr #bangladesh #dhaka

I am personally very sad to see many brilliant army officers and jawans, who were brutally killed and also many BDR jawans who were killed in the process. My prayer goes out to their families and may their souls rest in peace. Grievance or no grievances I don't support these kinds of acts of the mutineers. They have killed people like animals. No one is guilty until proven and the problem with taking law in your hand is that many innocent people die and you never get to know who was the real culprit. I do not support the amnesty against these mutineers. The amnesty can be given to rebellion but not the killings. Those who killed should get exemplary punishment so that the nation do not have to go through this kind of trauma again.


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