February 22, 2009

Torture And Custodian Death Prohibition Bill 2009

It is about time Bangladesh should do something about the extra judicial killings it has witnessed for many years. Ever since Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) started operating in 2004 to stop spiraling crime, they have made a practice of killing criminal suspects in detention. Torture methods used by the force include beatings, boring holes in suspects with electric drills, and the application of electric shock.

Human Rights Watch reported about it several times and they have published a 79 page report on this.

The Awami League MP Saber Hossain Chowdhury has proposed a bill in parliament titled "Torture And Custodian Death Prohibition Bill 2009". You can read the contents of the bill from here (pdf file).

It deals with provisions implying that the the authorities should record complaints from the victims, give protection to the victim, a special prosecutor should lead the trial proceedings, punishment of the law enforcement agency officials who commit such act.

I think every political party should back this bill and help implement this as soon as possible.


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