February 13, 2009

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day

This year Global Voices presents a terrific idea to celebrate Valentine's Day:
Blogging brings joy, happiness and new friends to millions of people. Bloggers in our community have already pledged to teach their friends and loved ones, and will be writing about it in their own blogs on Valentines Day. You can sign it too…

Think for a moment about the people in your life. Share this gift with you family, friends, readers and sweethearts - and tell us how it went!

Love is communication

Here are four simple steps to join us on Valentine's Day.

Step 1: You're never alone with a blog. Tell your readers why you love them, and why they should love you.

Step 2: Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!).

Step 3: Link to their first blog post, and encourage readers to visit them. Use this tag: #SMK [social media kisses]

Step 4: Tag your blogging friends to take part in this meme.
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