March 28, 2004

Bumper food grain output

This year the government of Bangladesh predicts that they will achieve a bumper food grain output according to this report. The half of the cultivable farmland of the country have been cultivated with high-yielding varieties of Boro and IRRI rice and wheat this year (which is 15% more than last year). Scarcity of fertilizer and low rainfall did not have much affect in this achievement. You see this is the marvel of our "Sonar Bangla" (Golden Bengal). This land is as fertile as ever. Yet our road to prosperity is not smooth as their is widespread misuse and corruption. Lack of proper management is one of the main obstacles.

However there is a danger in trying to achieve higher yields. Cropping intensity in Bangladesh has increased more than four times in less than two decades. Farmers now till their farms four times a year including some unfamiliar items, such as maize and vegetables. The overuse of fertilizers and land is bound to make some adverse effect in the fertility of the land.

Lack of foreseeing the future impacts can really make this present success a failure in future.


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