May 01, 2004


Here is an updated list of Blogs maintained by persons of Bangladesh Origin:

* Close your eyes & try to see- Bangladesh
* I look I see -Bangladesh
* Bongo Vongo -UK
* Man Machine: Diary of an Android -Congo
* Feerozac -My Blog -UK
* Gene Expression (Group Blog including Razib) -USA
* Tarfia -USA
* Electric Blues -USA
* The Desh in Me -USA
* Glittergirl -Singapore
* Blu3crash v 8.0 -USA
* -Canada
* Ish's Random Thoughts -Australia
* - Modern Lungis for modern deshi man -USA
* Kabir's Blog -USA
* LiveJournal Bangladesh Community Blogs -Mostly USA
* My World -USA
* MoodLogic
* BD Gamer -Rajiv's Game Blog- Bangladesh
* The 3rd world view-Bangladesh
* Just a blog -Bangladesh

Blogs on Bangladesh by persons of Non Bangladesh Origin:

* Root: Adventure in Bangladesh
* Ronny reist rum -Auf Deutsch

Blogs by other Bengalis of Indian Origin:

* Niraj Agarwalla-USA
* The Kolkata Libertarian-USA
* Notes from France -By Sukanya
* Null Pointer -India

Kindly note that this list is not complete and I would like to receive inputs from others regarding correctness of the information. I would appreciate if you could inform me about more Bangladeshi Blogs.


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