September 16, 2005


"When I see a handcuffed youth putting his head down, I do not see him as a notorious extremist, I see in him a helpless youth victim of exploitation"

The above is an excerpt from an article (Bengali) written by Md. Zafar Iqbal. His touching writings shed light to the fact that Madrassa education which is often the last resort of getting an education of the parentless children is being neglected by the government. The quality of the curriculum and education are never controlled, poorly funded, and it is deemed by the job industry as substandard. So the youths who receive Madrassa education become frustrated with life easily and fall into the grip of the fundamentalists who wants to manipulate them in Jihadi doctrine.

Last year I wrote a post about Madrassa education where I quoted someone:

We are doing injustice to the Madrassa students by not condemning the atrocities against them and not bettering their conditions regarding education and establishment. The government has a great role to play for modernizing & updating Madrassa education.

Mr. Iqbal ends his article with this:

"I am curious to learn about those big religious leaders of our country who prefer and promote madrassa education over the general education. Where are their sons and daughters studying? In Madrassas or in schools or colleges? "

Yes we want to know that too!


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