September 24, 2005


Hello everyone, its long since I last talked with you. Hope you all are doing great. I am ok but Ma & Baba were suffering from food poisoning (not again!). I am glad they could stand up on their feet for my birthday party. Yes, did you forget it was my 1st birthday party?

I have personally invited a lot of people with a nice invitation card. Ma took all the pain (with the help of Baba) in decorating the restaurant with balloons and colored cartoon sketches. Dada, Dadi, Nani, Phupi, Khala everybody were so excited about the event and took a lot of preparations like choosing special dresses. Ma also packed gifts for all the kids that were invited. They had a great fun.

Dada sponsored this skyscraper cake. At the final moment I was more interested in examining the knife rather than cutting the cake. After all what's great in spoiling the beauty? Everybody enjoyed the cake and the food. The restaurant had many Afghan, Indian and local dishes in their buffet range. Kebabs and Roti/Paratha were served direct from the grill/pans. The dessert items were great including fresh fried zillepies from pan.

Denying a lot of peoples' predictions I was in a merry mood during the event. I received many kisses, hugs and pats without much protest. Actually its nice to see everybody's happy face. And after all I have become a bit matured don't you think?

Now I can say many words. When I see a strange thing or a new person I immediately say 'Eidakiiiii…' or 'Oidakiiiiiiiii' (what is it?). I can say 'dao' (give) or (kole) 'nao' (take me) to assert my intentions. Ma sometime becomes puzzled with my constant "Edakii/Oidakii"s and worry about my inquisitiveness, but you know there are a whole lot of things in the world to explore. I have become more social now a days. Baba says that I have become a good an intelligent girl. Unlike others he never stops me in dropping things down. He understands that I do it to hear the sound of the dropping. My favorite hangouts are the windows. I yell a lot at the passers by but sadly they don't understand what I am saying. Everybody remains extra alert whether I drop any valuable things out of the window. They forget that the human nature of loving earthly objects are pointless and they should bother more about the growth and happiness of the heavenly creatures (babies like me).

See you later. Waving tata (goodbye) now.

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