August 30, 2007

Drama all around

The remanded DU teachers were charged with "giving provocative statements and instigating recent violent protests on Dhaka University campus" and produced to court.

BDNews24 reports:
A few minutes before arrival in the courtroom, Prof Anwar Hossain expressed sorrow over the "attitude shown to the army" during student protests on campus and sought forgiveness from all in the army—from a soldier up to the army chief. He claimed that the agitated students had attacked security officials and uniformed army personnel, hurting the dignity of the Armed Forces as a whole. "They felt insulted," he said expecting that all misunderstandings regarding the issue would end following his remarks. "It's an unwarranted incident. Today's military is not the same as the Pakistani army in 1971.
He expressed that he did not know that the incident had heart the Army so much and hoped that the army personnel diffuse their grudge against the students. He apologized on behalf of the students as a teacher and guardian.

However inside the court there was a different scenario. He complained of torture in custody:
Some people were physically tortured in front of us to torment us mentally. We were devastated.
I guess the army needed the apology so badly.

I will tell a joke about it. No wait lets link to the Bangla podcast where I first heard it.


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