August 02, 2007

Mass hysteria

Bangladesh is going through a transitional phase. While rumors are flying everywhere about the intention of the military backed Care-taker Government each and every obstacles like rising prices of commodities, tackling flood are being critiqued putting them in back seat.

Drishtipat Blog asked its readers to state the cold hard facts of this government, how much it has achieved and where did it go wrong. Please read the comment section to view many facts. But my intention is not to indulge myself in this gossip.

One advisor of this government told today in a television interview that they are the only means available now to make a change in the age old corrupted politics. It is for people's sake they should not fail. The chief of the army told in an interview that he has no political aspiration and discusses the present situation pragmatically.

While there might be opinions that these are again a political rhetoric, but I believe in the cause if not in the means. If they fail now the same old politicians will emerge from their hideouts. We should not have another Prime Minister or finance minister who did not pay tax.

Although the measures of the Government are bold they are sometimes carried out harshly creating much trouble. For an example the demolition of Rangs Bhaban is being carried out without giving sufficient time for the tenants to move their belongings. Shah Jaman Mazumder calls it an instance of abuse of power by RAJUK. This building was legalized with the collusion of RAJUK employees. Its a pity that no charges are being brought against them. Just as there are corrupt politicians there are corrupt bureaucrats and government officials. Why are they not being scrutinized? Why should not be the actions of RAB or DGFI be scrutinized if complaints of human rights abuse are against them?

I think the Government should not silence the critics. Because if they are in the right path, they will have people's support irrespective of the critics. But if they try to maneuver outcomes by inflicting fear on those who want to speak then they will have people suffering from mass hysteria like this. And God knows what will happen then!


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