July 09, 2005


This weekend was amongst the worst for me in recent times. I had heard the news of the London blasts first on Thursday evening (BST) but could not grasp the height of it. The scale of devastation was apparent when I watched the coverage on CNN, BBC & Sky News late at night. I was filled with disgust and outrage and at the same time started worrying for the keens (extended family) staying in London. My cousins were not picking up their phones. The cells were not reachable. We had much to worry in the night. We had to wait till next morning to get the confirmation that they are safe. By today news came that no Bangladeshi was dead but a number of Bangladeshis were hurt and a 21 year old girl is still missing. This was a bit of relief as the first blast happened near Brick lane, the "china town" for the Bangladeshis, which accommodates a significant portion of around 250000 Bangladeshis(-Britons) living in London. Its good to know that Bangladeshi bloggers Joe & Nashat are safe. There is still no news from Shapps but I hope he is alright.

It is not strange that another Islamist group claimed the responsibility and politicians like Galloway claimed it is the price of Iraq. The likely consequence is the growing hatred against the Muslim community and the Muslims fear of backlash. The last thing the world needs is losing sanity over all these issues. It was good to see the efforts of the efficient British emergency workers in preventing panic and restricting the casualties and damage.

One thing we should keep in mind is that the terrorists have no religion. Can you show me any religion which prescribes murder of innocent people to propagate its agenda? So we should not be pulled by strings of fear that the terrorists attach to our lives with their inhuman and ungodly acts. We should hold our hands together to find and erase these menaces from civilization. Our job is not complete until then.

An editorial in the Daily Star of Bangladesh sums it up:
Every individual, every country today is a potential target of terrorism. The London massacre is not an act against Britain, nor the UK, nor the G-8, it's an act against the entire humanity. All such diabolic, yet cowardly actions must be severely condemned, censured and deterred with steeled resolve and equally resolute counteraction.
While doing so, I also pray for the people and the families affected in this carnage. I hope the perpetrators will be taken to justice in the shortest possible time.

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