October 09, 2005


Bangladesh has long been branded by the international media as a nation cursed with natural disasters and political turmoil. The recent activities of the extremists and the failure of the political parties to unite against these threats have earned Bangladesh ill repute. But this needs to change for the betterment of a prospective nation. You need to give the people hope and increase their morale so that they can get overcome all the obstacles.

According to a news report in the Financial Express (via Asif), the government has finally decided to launch a serious drive to rebuild the image of the country by developing a country brand like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, or even like the state of Kerala in India. The report adds:

A nine-member high-powered body called Strategic Country Promotion Council (SCPC) with the foreign minister at its head is designing the promotional offensive so conceived. It will appoint a branding agency to think up a unique brand name for Bangladesh like Malaysia's 'Truly Asia,' Sri Lanka's "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" and the like. Besides, SCPC will also make an effort to get shot of the current bad image of Bangladesh and replace it with a more upbeat one as a moderate, democratic developing country. A large number of professionals will be engaged to work on this image-rebuilding endeavour.

This is simply great and long overdue. I hope the committee achieves it goal and the effort is carried out by successive governments.

Asif has proposed a brand name for Bangladesh - "The Greenest Delta". His logics behind this name:

This name creates an image of our green country, which will attract green loving tourists. Moreover, deltas are most fertile lands through out the world. This Brand name will boost our Agricultural Industry. The name also represent us as a agriculture-based country.

I would request all the fellow Bangladeshis to suggest a brand name for Bangladesh with reasons. We can notify the suggestions to the concerned committee.


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