October 30, 2005


Yesterday I was shocked to hear the news about the Delhi bomb blasts (news and roundups in Desipundit & Gatewaypundit blogs) in crowded places. All three explosions were triggered within minutes of one another, indicating the precise planning by the perpetrators. Atleast 59 people died and scores of others injured. How could they do this to the inncocent civilians who were shopping for the Diwali and Eid festivals. An obscure Kashmiri militant group claimed responsibility on Sunday for bomb blasts. They are linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba. According to Robi Sen there were reports of a noted al-Qaeda bomb expert having been in New Delhi in the past week.

Nitin says:
"the intention is to destabilise communal harmony."
He also mentions:
This is the time to wipe out terrorists and confront their apologists — whoever and wherever they may be.
I could not agree more.


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