October 03, 2005


"It's very difficult being a moderate Muslim these days. The vast majority of Muslims are moderate, wouldn't hurt a fly, want to do nothing more than live in peace, earn a living, bring up their families. Yet they constantly have to apologize for their religion because the whole Islamic PR effort is being driven by the crazies.

I used to feel sorry for the Christians in Northern Ireland, because they had terrorists killing in their name. But that’s all over. And the chilling fact is that these days, wherever there is any trouble in the world, Muslims are tied up in it. From Algeria in the west to the Philippines in east, from Chechnya in the north to Darfur in the south, not forgetting Palestine in the middle, wherever there’s trouble in the world, there are Muslims involved......

......There are times when I really despair of what these disciples of the Devil, and the complicit silence of those who could show some moral leadership, are doing to my religion."

- The Religious Policeman, a Saudi blogger


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