June 19, 2006


The above is statement by a foreign investor in Bangladesh. Newsweek has recently published an article which reiterates this assumption. The article titled "Bullish on Bangladesh" is reasonably well informed than the TIME article earlier this year. It starts with:

The headlines are grim. But they mask what is shaping up to be one of the world's most amazing turnarounds.

It concludes:

...perhaps, Bangladesh would make headlines for something other than killer cyclones or riots in Dhaka's streets.

Historically the country has been portrayed negatively most of the times by the media (local and international). Its potentials have seldom been focused. Some blame it largely on the pessimistic Bengalis, but looks like the time has changed. It may be argued that whether by dint of some investment the international media is getting the correct picture. In reality the truth must come out in the open in one way or another.

Not to mention here that Bangladesh is also subjected to influences of powerful nations and certain negative outcomes of the country's political instability are beyond prediction and one can hardly fathom which way the wind is blowing. The ideal way to explore Bangladesh is to look beyond the headlines.


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