June 28, 2006


Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman is a liberation war hero in Bangladesh awarded with the highest of the gallantry award "Bir Shreshtha". He died in August 1971 while trying to defect with a Pakistan air force jet to join the liberation war against Pakistan.

"Rehman attempted to hijack a jet aircraft during a training flight. Pakistan has always maintained that the trainee pilot, Rashid Minhas, prevented the attempted hijacking, which resulted in the aircraft crashing shortly before leaving Pakistani airspace on 20 August, 1971.

Both Rehman and Minhas were killed.

Minhas was immediately decorated with Pakistan's highest gallantry award, the Nishan-e-Haider, and Rahman declared a traitor.
" (BBC)

There is an interesting debate in the Pakistan Defence forum blog showing how divided the Pakistanis still are regarding this incident and other events of Bangladesh's liberation war against Pakistan. But one important reason behind Matiur's action has come out which many forget to mention:

"The PAF (Pakistani Air Force) made a big mistake by grounding all Bengali PAF Officers - Is it any wonder that they became frustrated, disgruntled and ultimately disloyal?"

Pakistanis did not believe in Bengalis. That is why they did not allow Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to form the government even though he had a clear majority. You cannot oppress someone and still wish them to be loyal and integral to your pseudo unity.

Matiur Rahman has finally come home to Bangladesh, close to his family and laid to rest with the due respect he deserves.

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