July 01, 2006


Desh of Dristikone blog is surprised that crazy Bangladeshi football fans are repeatedly rampaging power stations as they fail to supply electricity during world cup matches. His sarcasm:
Funny thing is two totally stranger teams are playing (and your country is not even in the tournament ANYWHERE) and these folks end up destroying their own public property!!!
Well I guess he doesn't know about the severe power crisis Bangladesh is facing. Recently a farmer uprising in Kansat was forcefully tackled by the government, which turned bloody in the end. The irony is that the power crisis is the result of not taking adequate measures by the authorities in the right time. Nobody has been made accountable and the government is trying to keep it buried at the expense of peoples' inconveniences.

The limitation of democracy is that it deters any uprising of people, which can shake the base of the democracy. I guess football has united the people (else divided by party politics), who are showing their anguish against the power crisis in unity.

I personally am against the destruction of public properties. But unfortunately this is a mean of protest used by the political parties (especially the opposition) and applied ubiquitously in Bangladesh. When the leaders show you a wrong path, you should not only blame the followers for not going in the right path.


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