July 11, 2006


The most burning question in everybody's mind is "what did Materazzi say to Zidane?", which has prompted the notorious headbutt by the world's best football player. According to the victim Materazzi:
"I held his shirt for a few seconds only, then he turned to me and talked to me, jeering. He looked at me with a huge arrogance and said, 'If you really want my shirt I'll give it to you afterwards'. I replied with an insult, that's true." (ESPN Soccernet)
Zidane kept mum about what was said but his agent claimed that the reaction was due to a 'very serious' comment. The Italians did everything they could do to provoke Zidane.

Materazzi has however denied some of the more intense insults referring to his family members or calling him a terrorist. 'I did not call him a terrorist. I am not a cultured person and I don't even know what as Islamist terrorist is.'

If he was cultured, the incident would not have taken place.

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Update: Zizou speaks in a live interview on French television channel Canal Plus (see the comments in the link):

"He (Materazzi) pronounced very tough words about my mother and my sister. I tried not to listen to him but he kept repeating them."

The incident proves that Zidane is only a human being who made a mistake of biting back a dog who had bit him. I have seen his latest interview in Canal Plus. He has apologized to all for his behavior but he said that he can't regret what he did because it would mean that he (Materazzi) was right to say what he said. Hope his fans will not try to imitate him earnestly.

Another view about the racism on the pitch:

"Non-European (read non-white) players have a very rough time on European soccer pitches as is clearly illustrated by this ESPN special from just before the World Cup dealing with racism on and off the pitch. The European media and governments loath to deal with racial issues head on meaning that the onus of dealing with racism on the pitch has fallen on the players themselves. They have taken up the challenge and are tackling the problem head on and are asking the fans to help take down this monster that threatens to tear the sport apart."


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