July 17, 2004

Syed Kamran Mirza writes this controversial article "Killing by beheading is Islamic!" and tries read out the mindset of the Islamic terrorists, al-Qaeda jihadists, Osama-bin-laden, and so called Wahabi followers. He concludes:

"Time has arrived now to identify and intervening the real cause of this ancient medieval stupidity. Real problem is with the ancient teachings of Islam (read Qur�an) which are outdated and no longer fitting the today�s civilized world. Nothing can change this precarious situation of Muslims unless we realize the real problem and take care of it.

I quoted in a recent post:
Many Islamic scholars believe that the principle of Ijtihad, the use of reason to apply Qu'ranic injunctions to contemporary values is almost absent in most Islamic countries. Muslim people live within a given social, economic and administrative structure of a particular time and place. Accordingly, many Islamic scholars hold the view that Islamic precepts and practices are to be adapted to meet the needs of the day. 

So, the use of reasons and rational and modern interpretation of Quran's words should be applied by a true Muslim, so that Islam's real image can be held high in the world. But if fundamentalist thoughts are encouraged then more of these ancient medieval stupidities would be induced. 


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