July 06, 2004

Earthquake prone Dhaka

Dhaka is fast becoming a megacity of humans and bricks. Unofficial sources say almost 13 million people now live in Dhaka city (which has by now encroached more barren land from surroundings and expanded). Housing industry is a big industry here and every day numerous houses are being built.

According to this article, Dhaka region is prone to earthquake as it is on a seismic fault. It would only need a big earthquake (above 8.0) to destroy millions life as Dhaka city will in be rubles of concrete, metal and dust.

So a earthquake monitoring network in Bangladesh should be developed and the authorities should take proper measures to find out those old structures which have not earthquake protection and do something to ensure that there is minimum loss in case of an earthquake.

Otherwise death will hang around the Dhakaites.


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