July 01, 2004

EURO 2004 update

This years Euro champions league has produced some flare and surprises. As you can see from my voting template in the side bar, which I put before the games started, all of the predicted teams are out from the championship race. This is amazing as well as very welcoming. It proves that the difference between top teams and the rest of the teams are decreasing. Even team like Greece with no prior achievement are in the semi-finals.

Last night I have watched the Portugal-Netherlands first semi-final and was disheartened by the Netherlands performance. Portugal on the other hand played brilliantly and with flare. The 2:1 goal result will not tell the real story, but Portugal dominated the whole game and in fact all the goals were scored by Portuguese players (one own goal).

Presuming that the Czechs win over Greece in the 2nd semi-final, it would be an enthralling final between Portugal & Czechoslovakia.

But now I am feeling tired because watching a match upto 3.00 AM in the middle of a week really takes its toll on your body.

Update: Greece did reach the final and eventually beat Portugal by a 1:0 margin. This time I did not do the mistake of predicting the outcome of the Greece-Portugal Final. Greece again shocked Portugal and their fans by resisting their indomitable frontline and managing a fine header by Charisteas. Greek players played with focus, strength, disabled their marks well and effectively disabled Portugal frontline & midfield. Figo & Ronaldo were not allowed scope to make some good attempts at the Greek goal post. Their football was so German (because of the coach Otto), not attractive to watch, but effective.

I, however cherish more flamboyant football. Portugal made a good show in the semi-finals. That's how football should be.


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