July 05, 2004

Much ado about bread

Although a traditional breakfast of the Bangladeshis contain Roti/Chapati or Parata, urban people are habituated with breads (Pauruti) from bakeries. There are many alarming news like this about the quality of the bakeries products and the authorities inactivity to do something about it. Everybody is aware of it. That's why many try to find the best quality of breads in the market. In recent times I have purchased breads from different sources and brands to find out what quality is best and affordable. I was surprised with the fact that a 500g bread costs from Taka 12 to Taka 55. No doubt that the costlier ones come from a reputed bakery and should be of good quality. But in absence of proper regulatory system should the people trust the big names too? Another factor is that considering the average salary of a government employee, one would have to spend almost one fourth of his salary in buying packaged bread for his/her family for the whole months breakfast. Is that affordable by mass? Should'nt there be a regulation for prices also? For many, there is no alternative to the traditional Roti/Chapati, which is home made and safe.


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