August 21, 2004


(Picture Courtesy the Daily Star)

The country has been recuperating from the blow of the recent devastating flood. Millions of people have lost all their private properties and infra-structures. The government have so far been successful, with the help of donation of the common citizens and international sources in keeping these people out of misery. More efforts are needed to help these people to be on their feet again.

But what are these people doing? Religious fanatics clashed with police and attacked an Ahmadiyya Complex at Bakshibazar from a procession demanding declaration of the sect as non-Muslim in the run-up to their planned siege to the complex on August 27. Are they out of their minds? Is this the time to be engaged in these kind of issues? And they call themselves Muslim?

The South Asian People's Union against Fundamentalism and Communalism (SAPUFC)has called for a program to resist them on August 27. Let all other forces and individuals join them to resist these fanatics. They must be stopped from using Islam as an agenda to strengthen their positions.


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