August 25, 2004


After 2 days of the incident, a group has claimed responsibility for the grenade attack on Awami League (AL) rally and issued a fresh threat to assassinate Leader of the Opposition and AL President Sheikh Hasina.

Hikmatul Zihad, by-name an Islami militant organisation (nobody has any information on them yet) has sent a email to the Bengaly Daily "Prothom Alo" from the ID

The message ran like this according to newspaper reports:


(Don't) think that (Sheikh) Hasina is out of danger. We missed our previous chance but now we are very (careful in) our mission. Tell her to be (prepared).

We are coming and this time we will (accomplish) our target within 7 days. It's a promise.

Now as some has raised the question, what can the government do? There is ofcourse some tools to track IP adresses that the intelligence can use. The government can start investigating the activities of the known Islami militant organisations and their collaborators. But I don't have high regards of the capabilty and intentions of the security personnels that we have. It may be noted here that atleast 16 personnel from the Detective Branch and National Security Intelligence were said to be in the rally to protect Sheikh Hasina. There were more than 280 Police personnels in that region who were controlling the crowds.

Picture: a look at the security personnels in the rally. For those who do not understand Benglai, the red box in the middle is the truck used as a makeshift podium and the men in blue pants are the Police and others are security forces in plain clothes.

Now my question is how can the perpetrators escape amidst such a great number of security forces and nobody has seen anything. It makes people wonder about the capabilty/planning and effectiveness of the security personnel. Some do not strike out the possibilty that they somehow were ordered to let the things happen. The truth, only time will tell. We are just testing out logics.


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