April 05, 2005


Nazli Kibria, who is an associate professor of sociology at Boston University and the daughter of the assassinated political leader SAMS Kibria writes an article in the LA Times.

She asks the world:

"Is it prudent to ignore a political crisis in a country of 141 million people, home to the fourth-largest concentration of Muslims in the world? Are we better off dealing immediately with a problem that can most likely be solved through firm international diplomacy or waiting for a later time when we may be contending with a rogue state that lends aid and comfort to Islamist extremists?"

I don't know whether the above statement would be welcomed by the present government but I resonate with her:

"I hope his assassination will mark a new beginning for Bangladesh, one in which the country moves away from terror and toward the vision of democracy, justice and tolerance that my father held so dear."


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