April 09, 2005


After introducing the revamped electronic signals the streets of Dhaka city it was expected that the notorious Dhaka traffic would get a bit disciplined. But after half an year things are slowly going back to the same unruly state as before. The traffic police were keen to fine for signal breach initially. I remember paying fine of Tk. 500 for a marginal one. Now-a-days almost everybody is skipping traffic lights in many places and traffic police are just ignoring things. After 10PM at night or in empty roads, the drivers (mostly chauffeurs) are not at all abiding by the lights. Even I get mocked by the drivers behind me for waiting 2 minutes on an empty road at a red light. People just don't have any respect for rules. And where there are rickshaws plying, the situation is even worse. Because they do not follow any rule and move in any direction unnoticed.

I feel pity for the policemen. Because a couple of days ago a constable was beaten up by a person, who is the son of one of the ruling BNP's MP. His guilt was the MP's son was stopped for violating red light. In a country where politicians disrupt normal police proceedings, outlook of the politicians and the consciousness of the general people should be changed before we can expect any change in the current situation. I think the police should get tough on fines again and impose small fines on rickshaws also for a starter.


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