April 30, 2005


* The Da Vinci Code won the British Book Awards but not many are impressed about the quality of the literature. The Catholics are trying to establish that its a fiction, not fact as claimed by Dan Brown, the author. If you have read the book and then go through the history of the characters and plots in the wikipedia, you will find that it is based on a hoax which fits so perfectly in the conspiracy theory. I have given my 2-cents on the book here.

* Is G-mail evil?

* The Telegraph Kolkata publishes an article of Ashok Mitra on Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India. Few excerpts:

Secularism is as secularism does. The policy indiscriminately followed by the police, specially in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi, to pick up Bengali-speaking Muslims on the ground that they must be Bangladeshis, cuts across this nation’s commitment to secularism.

* The controls of power behind the Anti-Japanese protests in China.

* Bahraini government plans to make registration of all webmasters mandatory in a bid to implement censor. Reporters without Border says:

"This does not happen in any democratic country and is a threat to press freedom."

* There is a new press law in Yemen, which covers weblogs too.

* An open letter to all bloggers.


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